Important: Contact House Health Committee to End Dismemberment Abortion in PA

State Senator Michele Brooks, sponsor of SB3, an important pro-life bill in the State Senate

Next week, our State Senators resume legislative work in Harrisburg. There are already two important pro-life bills that will be decided upon in the near future by members of the House Health Committee. Both of these bills involve protecting pain capable unborn children. They would ban brutal dismemberment (D&E) abortions, one of the most popular forms of late-term abortion, and would protect unborn children from 24 weeks and on.

Senate Bill 3, sponsored by State Senator Michele Brooks, and House Bill 77, sponsored by Representative Kathy Rapp, are both on the verge of being sent to the governor’s desk in Harrisburg. However, first they must be cleared by members of the House Health Committee.

Please contact members of this committee and urge them to support SB3 and HB77. These bills are both of great significance and would be tremendous victories for the pro-life community and the rights of the unborn child. You can find a list of members here.

Thank you for taking an active role in the defense of innocent human life.